You do not need to own your own boat to race with us or with the Arizona Yacht Club at Lake Pleasant. You can now charter a race-ready boat from Tiller and Kites for the season, for the year or for specific regattas. If you have the skills and competency to race, this is the ideal way to get on the water, have fun, and go for the win – all with the least amount of hassle. The boats are race tuned and ready to go.

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All the boats we offer for sale have been thoroughly inspected. Descriptions online are accurate and represent the boat correctly. The majority of the boats in inventory are ideal Lake Pleasant and Southwest boats. While some are comfortable cruisers, others may be strictly for sport or spirited day sailing. If you have never owed a boat before, let us help you match your wants and needs with the right boat.
Do you also want to learn to sail or are returning to sailing and need a refresher course? We can help you with that too.

Thank you for your interest in our Race Charter Boats at Tiller & Kites

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