All the boats we offer for sale have been thoroughly inspected. Descriptions online are accurate and represent the boat correctly. The majority of the boats in inventory are ideal Lake Pleasant and Southwest boats. While some are comfortable cruisers, others may be strictly for sport or spirited day sailing. If you have never owed a boat before, let us help you match your wants and needs with the right boat.
Do you also want to learn to sail or are returning to sailing and need a refresher course? We can help you with that too.


And now for something completely different..!” – Another way to sail as much as you want to without owning a boat is to join the Tumbleweed Sailing fractional ownership program. All the boats are fully refurbished Catalina 25 Fin Keel boats in a wet slip and ready to go at all times. Sign up, log in, book your time and go sailing! No additional fees, no other costs. To find out more, please visit