Tiller & Kites - FULL SERVICE in Phoenix and Lake Pleasant

Tiller and Kites is the newest sailing facility in Arizona. With TWO convenient locations in downtown Phoenix and at Pleasant Harbor, we offer a complete range of services, support, training, activities and sport. Tiller and Kites is an IYT accredited sailing school in Arizona. Private sailing lessons and group classes are offered. Our sailboat services include fiberglass repair to new anti-foul, deck repair and upgrades, standing and running rigging, lines, accessories and equipment.

As an International Yacht Training certified school we teach primarily 'location specific'courses as well as Internationally recognized certifications. Lake sailing has its own unique challenges and demands that are different to coastal or open-water sailing. We teach and train specifically to our location as well as open water and coastal sailing. Yes, you can learn to sail in Arizona!

ABOUT ICC (International Certificate of Competency) - it is now mandatory to hold a recognized International Certificate of Competency (ICC) if you wish to charter a boat in certain European countries. It is generally required for the inland and coastal waters of Mediterranean countries.

Give us a call, stop by and visit, send us a message. We will always answer quickly and answer any questions you may have. Visit our sister sites below - Arizona Yacht Racing and Tumbleweed Sailing.

Arizona Yacht Racing is our events, regattas and racing sites. Get involved and participate in new and creative sailing events, including the summer series of Full Moon Racing.

Tumbleweed Sailing - Eliminate the cost of ownership, maintainance, repairs and insurance. Join Tumbleweed Sailing's SAIL AWAY program and have a fully refurbished Catalina 25 boat available to you at all times!.

our advantages


Learning HOW things work on a boat is not that hard. Understanding WHY and how to use that knowledge gets you closer to the true art of sailing.


There may be more ways than one to get from A to B. Efficient and intelligent technique gets you there safer, quicker and comfortably. Learn how.


Achieved through repetition and time on the water - at the helm, trimming, on the bow. Learn every aspect of mastering and commanding a sailboat with confidence and safety always in mind.


Boats listed here are in inventory and ready to sail away.