"I want to sail around the world"..and that is how it all started.

We met Bradley a couple of years ago as a Learn to Sail student on Tempe Town Lake. His goal was clear - sail around the world. Most rolle their eyes, offer a few platitudes and discard the idea. Not Bradley, not us!
So we set up a mission for him - first, learn all there is to know about boats. So we gave him a total junker Cal21 and said "Fix it". Bradley fixed it and learned a lot of new skills.
Then we said, go sail on Lake Pleasant. And he did, staying out for days at a time
Next - go on an adventure. So in the middleof winter he towed the Cal21 from Phoenix to Tennessee and the rest.. is history!

Please watch the video below. Today Bradley is in Australia - and yes, he sailed there!
Give a fellow sailor and adventurer a hand and make a donation to help him complete his World Tour. Your generosity in supporting Bradley is greatly appreciated.


Victor Felice
Tiller and Kites
International Yacht Training.

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