J/24 World Championship, Corpus Christi, TX, July 2022

Tiller and Kites J/24 MERMAID RESCUE will be the Argentina Women’s Sailing Team boat

The ‘original’ and Tiller and Kites favorite J/24 is being completely refurbished and made ready for the J/24 World Championship. She will of course still sport her pink hull (easy to see in a huge field of white boats!) but have new graphics for the regatta. 2018 World Champion Will Wells (North Sails) is consulting and advising us on prep and setup, Tonja Sanchez-Holmes is providing us with assistance on measurements and hull and rigging preparation. Several Tiller and Kites current and former students will also be getting their hands dirty as we get “Rescue” ready for the ride of her life! Give us a call – find out how you too can pitch in and support the All Women team! Ladies, you in particular!

About Us


We are a team of sailors with more than 15 years of experience, we have competed in optimist, snipe and windsurf, both nationally and internationally. After so many years of sailing we decided to put together a 100% female team and challenge all the obstacles that this sport would put in our way. We showed that we are on the same competitive level as the fleet and that any extreme adversity would not leave us at a disadvantage.

Our Team

Tri Agusti - SKIPPER

  • Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina
  • Optimist -> 1998/2005
  • Snipe -> 2005/2022
  • J24 -> 2014/2022

Cande Berberian - TWING

  • Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina
  • Tennis -> 1980/2022
  • Windsurf -> 2018/2022
  • Dangelo -> 2015/2022
  • J24 -> 2016/2022

Mari Felix - BOW

  • Cordoba,Argentina
  • Snipe -> 2007/2011
  • J24 -> 2010/2022

Ro Agusti - TRIMMER

  • Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina
  • Optimist -> 2000/2007
  • Snipe -> 2007/2022
  • J24 -> 2014/2022

Lucre Arrambide - TANK COMMANDER

  • Cordoba, Argentina
  • Optimist -> 1987/1992
  • Snipe -> 1993/2000
  • Y Flyer -> 2001/2005
  • J24 -> 2006/2022

Barbara Gold - TWING

  • New Jersey, USA

Our Goals

  • Obtain 1st place in the Women's category of the 2022 J24 World Cup
  • Achieve position within the top 10 best in the world
  • Encourage other women to join yachting


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